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Personal Air Filter, Original Pocket Smoke Air Filter

Personal Air Filter, Original Pocket Smoke Air Filter

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The Rick and Morty theme personal air filter, offers absolute control over your smoke. This reliable, convenient, pocket-sized device allows you to enjoy smoking discreetly without anyone knowing. Here are the key features:

Sleek/Slim Design: It's portable and convenient enough to carry while on the go. It's pocket-sized!

Comfortable Rubber Mouthpiece: Comes with a leakproof mouth design with soft snug feel around the mouth.

Eliminate Smoke & Odor: It eliminates smoke, smells, and odor, making it ideal for home, office, car, and travel, and reduces secondhand smoke.

Zero Leakage: With HEPA and carbon filters, the device filters all the smoke no matter the number of puffs.

Durable: The item is made of high-quality materials that makes it possible to outstand pressure.

 comes with a carbon filter and silicone container that is made of high-quality materials, plus a free keychain. The airflow through the filter is super smooth and puff.


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