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Freeza Pipe with Glycerin - 12 inches

Freeza Pipe with Glycerin - 12 inches

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 Looking for a unique way to enhance your smoking experience? Look no further than the incredible Freeza Pipe with Glycerin! This one-k-a-kind glass pipe features a frozen glycerin coil that delivers a refreshing and smooth hit every time. Even the matching down stem and bowl are filled with glycerin for added cooling power. The removable glycerin bowl makes cleaning a breeze, while the high-quality borosilicate glass construction ensures durability. With a beaker base for stability and a large water chamber for filtration, this 12-inch tall pipe is perfect for those who love a cold and smooth smoke. Choose from a variety of colors to brighten your mood and your room. Don't miss out on experiencing the ultimate pipe - get your Freeza Pipe today!



Type: Borosilicate
Material: Glass
Shape: Beaker
Height: 12 in
Thickness: 5 mm


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