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Glass Steamroller - 11.8 inches

Glass Steamroller - 11.8 inches

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The Glass Steamroller is a convenient and user-friendly pipe with open ends and a small bowl near one end. Simply pack the bowl with your preferred smoking substance, cover one side with your finger, and place the other end in your mouth. After lighting the bowl and filling the chamber with smoke, you can easily uncover the hole and enjoy the smooth, cool flavor. To enhance the cooling effect, put this steamroller with a longer glycerin coil in your fridge for 1 to 2 hours before use. Made with strong and durable Boros glass, this hand blown steamroller also features small legs for added stability. Choose from black, blue, or green to suit your style.

Length: 11.8 inches
Thickness: 5 mm
Bowl: 18mm
Color: green, black, blue
Features: with glycerin coil
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